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Pernell Allen Last Updated: 8/30/2021 1:35 PM

University of Alabama

at Birmingham
Regional Inservice Center

Pernell Allen
Technology Education Specialist
Alabama Technology in Motion

Education & Engineering Complex 
225 D 1150 10th Street South

Birmingham, AL. 35233



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Serving the following LEA's:

Legacy Prep
Bessemer City
Birmingham City
Fairfield City
I3 Academy
Jefferson County
Legacy Prep
Leeds City
Midfield City
Tarrant City
Trussville City

Pernell Allen serves as the Alabama Technology in Motion (ATiM) Specialist at UAB Regional Inservice Center. The Local Education Agencies in Region 5 include Bessemer City, Birmingham City, Fairfield City, I3 Academy, Jefferson County, Leeds City, Legacy Prep, Midfield City, Tarrant City, and Trussville City Schools. He has held several leadership positions in the school, including technology coordinator, webmaster, registration liaison, and test coordinator. Throughout his career as a technology teacher and educational leader, Pernell has developed and implemented technology-related professional development at the school and district levels. While working as a technology instructor, he was invited to speak at Ed Farm's kickoff as one of the featured presenters for Apple's CEO Tim Cook.  It is Pernell's goal to help educators use technology to assess student learning, differentiate instruction, and provide engaging, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences for all students.

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