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University of North Alabama Regional Inservice Center


Dr. Barry Wiginton

Instructional Technology Specialist

Alabama Technology in Motion


1640 Tune Ave., 
Florence, AL 35630
256-320-3500 Cell

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Serving the following LEA's:

Colbert County
Florence City
Franklin County
Haleyville City
Jasper City
Lauderdale County
Marion County
Muscle Shoals City
Russellville City
Sheffield City
Tuscumbia City
Walker County
Winfield City
Winston County

Dr. Barry Wiginton is the ATiM Specialist for the University of North Alabama Inservice region. A strong proponent of learner-centered instruction, Barry provides professional learning experiences for classroom teachers and administrator interested in meeting the learning needs of all students through the use of formative assessment, higher-order thinking, and support of the Alabama Course of Study: Digital Literacy and Computer Science.